Old Age To Joy

The Joy of Old Age Charitable Foundation has been helping the elderly and the disabled since 2007 (until 2011, as part of the volunteer movement of the same name). The Foundation has come a long way from trips with button accordion and sweets to nursing homes to participation in building a system of assistance to the elderly at the state level. The Foundation believes that the system should be for the person, not the person for the system. The strategic goal of the “Old Age for Joy” team is to build a system of assistance in the country that will be available to every elderly person who finds himself in a difficult life situation.

The organization of medical care for the elderly and the disabled is one of the foundation’s programs. To provide qualified medical care, the foundation has agreed to cooperate with the Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center, as well as with the MNTK “Eye Microsurgery” named after. Academician S.N. Fedorov. The Vinchel Foundation supported an initiative to provide ophthalmological care to the elderly and disabled people of the Moscow Region living in healthcare and social care institutions. In the future, it is planned to expand the geography of this program.