Federation Of Blind Football Players

The Federation of Blind Football Players represents the football clubs of the Russian Federation in mini-football B1 5×5 (totally blind), as well as the national team of the Moscow Region under the leadership of the head coach and president of the Federation, Nikolai Nikolayevich Beregovoy. Since 1993, he has been developing sports for people with visual impairments. And in 2014 he founded and to this day develops football for the totally blind.

To date, the Federation includes 10 men’s club teams and 3 women’s clubs, the Moscow Region team includes 30 active players: 3 men’s teams – 8 players and 2 goalkeepers each. And three women’s teams – 8 players, 2 goalkeepers. At the age of 14 to 40 years. Federation players make up the main Russian futsal team B1 5×5 (totally blind).

Achievements of the Federation teams – 11-time Champions of Russia – Winners of 2018, 12-time winners of the Russian Championship (among boys) – 2018 inclusive, 6-time Russian Cup winners, 7-time RFU Cup winners, 20 multiple winners of international tournaments, 5-time winners of the European Cup among club teams, 2018 – 1st place Czech Republic, Prague. The players of the federation are the current Champions of Europe – Germany, Berlin (2017).

Vinchel Foundation supported the team’s trip to the championship in Greece, Solonniki in October 2018 (where the team took first place), as well as the holding and closing of the Russian League “Equal Opportunities” among Russian and invited clubs in mini-football B1 (totally blind) in November and December 2018.